Monday, April 23, 2012

Fakebook! A fantastic and fun way of doing projects!

Take a look at the following links I found on using Facebook as a tool in the classroom.

Some ideas for using Fakebook in the South African Classroom:

Social Sciences: 
  • Historic profiles of different important figures in South African History (e.g. a profile of Nelson Mandela that highlights important dates in his lifetime).
  • Geography: Create a 'page' that contains information about a certain province, city, country etc..
  • Also geography: Create an 'about me' page that contains information about a certain industry such as fishing or agriculture. Also use the photo page to insert photos that illustrates the topic. The captions of the photos could be part of the project...
  • Maak 'n profiel van verskillende digters en byvoorbeeld wanneer hul digbundels verskyn het.
  • Karakters van romans / verhale kan ook deur middel van die profiel dien as 'n karakterskets en ook belangrike momente in die verhale uitlig.
Geniet dit!!


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